I have over ten years experience

I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Adult Learning ( post 16 education). I have over ten years experience of teaching and training around counselling issues. I have worked in London and other parts of the UK and have taught on introductory, certificate  and diploma level training course and given freelance workshops on areas of theory and practice to organisations.

I can offer half day or one day workshops on:
Disability Discrimination Act
Introduction to counselling skills
Disabilities Issues
Introduction to learning disabilities
Counselling Theory
Bereavement and Loss
Health and Social Care

Rates: please contact me for further information - click here to email me


I have two books currently in print

Coping with Pet Loss (Sheldon Press) 

Losing a pet can be devastating for many people. We can be shaken by the impact that losing a pet or companion can have. Losing a pet can present children with their first experience of death and can be an unwelcome rite of passage for teenagers too. Older people can rely on a pet for companionship and exercise and with the loss of a pet can find it hard to adapt. Losing a pet can take any of us back to previous losses and make stress we experience worse . This book covers the range of difficulties that we can face with pet loss: attachment to pets, issues around euthanasia and when a pet’s life ends, pet loss in later life, losing a family pet, the importance of remembering a pet’s life and also if and when to get another pet.                 

Bereavement  Loss and Learning Disabilities
(Jessica Kingsley publications)

Losing a loved one and coping with the subsequent adjustments that follow are difficult facts of life but people with learning disabilities face specific problems in processing and managing these changes. This book outlines how loss and bereavement is experience differently by people with learning disabilities. The book covers the importance of understanding and communication in resolving distress around bereavement and loss, the impact on families, behavioural changes following bereavement and how people with learning disabilities  can face extra changes and losses in their life following bereavement that can be difficult to manage.